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emily perkins fans

Recent Entries

12/9/10 05:20 pm - schegal - SUDDENLY

Ginger Snaps 2: Unleashed

30 minutes of 40 seconds

11/26/06 11:34 am - monsterkidd

Hi There.
Not too sure if this is allowed, so feel free to yell at me if it's not ;)
I have created a fan site for Emily Perkins, Check it out Here.

2/4/06 08:45 pm - foxfyre0923 - Hello. :) new member here :)

name: Jessica
sex: Female
age: 24 (9/23/1981)
fav emily perkins movie: IT
fav chartor emily played: Beverly Marsh

4/15/05 09:20 am - zar_roc

name: Kim
sex: Female
age: 18
fav emily perkins movie: Ginger Snaps (all 3)
fav chartor emily played: Brigitte

Join my Ginger Snaps Icon community!Collapse )

2/7/05 09:03 pm - road_virus

name: Mila
sex: female
age: 23
fav emily perkins movie: Ginger Snaps Unleashed
fav character emily played: Brigitte, obviously

And i'd like to thank beastwithin693 who is, I do believe, moderator, for this community. Great idea.

2/5/05 11:45 am - br0kenxsmile

fav emily perkins movie:Ginger Snaps Back: The Begining
fav chartor emily played:Bridgette

1/9/05 05:47 pm - beastwithin693

fav emily perkins movie:ginger snaps:unleashed
fav chartor emily played:brigitte
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